Welcome to the Gourmet Galley on Grey Goose of London.

Maggie obtained a degree in Scotland in Home Economics (BA) and loves to cook. Ljubomir, promises you a Croatian speciality for one of your lunches.

Maggie takes great delight in provisioning for every cruise in the local fish, meat, poultry, green markets and wine cellars.

Every guest has the opportunity to discuss their special dietary needs be that vegetarian, vegan, “food intolerances/allergies” before their cruise.

Here you will find menu options for 2021 season.

Uživaj u rucku (Enjoy your lunch)

In the evenings we will recommend our tried and tested local restaurants, booking in advance during peak season. Here are some of our favourites:


Konoba Roki's


Toto's Restaurant

Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House


Restaurant Dalmatino


Restaurant More